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An unsuccessful attempt at finding a babysitter for our anniversary early last month resulted in us finally trying Bumble – a “farm-to-fork” restaurant in Los Altos with a sandbox and child care.

The sandbox is available for the kids while the parents eat/drink coffee/chat at the patio tables surrounding it.

Sam enjoys the sandbox, but the first place he runs when we enter the restaurant is the child care area separated from the restaurant by a large fish tank. What a great concept! The people working in the playroom are amazing. Sam always has a great time with them and the playroom. When I ask him, he especially enjoys the “‘Dory’ fish, the yellow bicycle (a spinning playground ride with multiple bicycle seats), watermelon and oranges (a.k.a. the play kitchen), and coloring Batman”. They also allow the option to send a kid’s meal to the playroom.

Sometimes we eat our dinner on the “Adults Only” patio for a more date night feel. I love how trees are incorporated into so many structures here in California.

Other times, we sit on the other side of the fish tank to spy on him watch him play.

The playroom is $10/half hour, but they have discounts in the form of “Bee Points” if you go more often.

The menu is small, which is a great indicator of the quality ingredients and well-prepared dishes. The meals are simple and the menu does not change very often, so we are sometimes left wanting something a little more interesting. However, the ability to have a date night without needing to find a babysitter and the relief of knowing Sam is nearby having a great time in the playroom along with the excellent staff keeps us coming back.

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  1. The menu is limited, it’s good when they let you order burgers even if it’s after 5, when the menu changes.

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