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Downtown Library, Palo Alto

We planned to join family story time at Palo Alto Downtown Library at 10:30 this morning.

Instead, we are in the children’s section building towers.

We attempted to go to story time. After returning our books, Sam ran into the story time room full of children of all ages singing the “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. He’s recently memorized this finger-play song and starts singing along. One verse in, he spots the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie next to the librarian and gets up to retrieve it while excitedly saying “Mouse cookie book!”. A bit comical actually, if we weren’t surrounded by well-behaved children.

He spots his friend in the crowd and is excited to see her and her mom. He sits on her mom’s lap and calmly listens to the next story. Sitting on laps other than my own for story time is something he has been doing since he could crawl.

Mid-way through the book, he is up again. He wants to chat with the baby next to him about the nursing necklace she is holding and chewing.

At home, he will sit on my lap for hours reading books and has many of them memorized now. However, at story time, there are too many interesting things and people to see for him to sit and listen to a story.

So, we leave and build towers.

And he played in the gated outside courtyard attached to the library with his friends after story time was over.

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