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Marlin Park, Redwood Shores

Our first experience in Redwood Shores was a visit to the Marlin Park playground. The park smelled amazing. A mix of sea breeze and fresh flowers, it smelled like spring!


The playground contains a large structure and a gated toddler area with a smaller structure. The larger part of the playground is not gated. Depending on the time of day, the park has some shade.


The toddler area is fully-gated with a door, but the latch is very easy for a toddler to open.


The two play areas are side-by-side and a small parking lot is nearby.

There is also plenty of street parking and the 260 SamTrans stops very near the park.


We also played T-ball and soccer in the large field next to the playground. Sam had his first Razor scooter experience on the path that runs between them. He did great! We still might stick to the three-wheeled kind for a little while though.


Next to the playground structure, is a nice large net climbing structure.


There are not many restaurants in the area, but it is a great park for a picnic. Picnic tables and grills are available nearby and there are bathrooms down the path (a little bit of a walk).


There is a small beach along the channel down the path along with basketball, baseball, and tennis courts. Jellyfish might be in the water, so swimming and splashing aren’t recommended.



We left the park after 4 hours of playing. Sam napped almost instantly on the way home.

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