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Scott Park, Palo Alto

A neighborhood mini park recently re-opened in Palo Alto on Channing Avenue between Waverly and Bryant Streets.

Scott Park Sign

They used the small space very well. Heritage Park playground is only a block away, so no large structure is needed. The play equipment included are a couple of baby swings, a springy zebra, and a sandbox. There is also a nice large grassy area surrounded by trees perfect for a picnic.

Scott Park Baby Swing and Sandbox

Springy Zebra

A basketball hoop and bocce court are also included. Bocce balls can be checked out from the nearby downtown library.

Basketball Hoop

Bocce Ball Court

Bocce Ball Info

Bike racks, drinking fountains, and picnic tables are available. No restrooms, but the downtown library and Whole Foods are nearby if needed.

Drinking Fountain and Bench
Scott Park Rules

The park is not fully fenced in, but there is a bit of a buffer from the streets and parking lots. If looking for a fenced in playground, Heritage Park has one a block away across Channing Avenue.

Playground and Picnic Benches

We enjoyed the change of scenery playing in a new park. Sam loved running around the green space. A great addition to the neighborhood!

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