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Sierra Vista Park, Mountain View

20160613-Sierra Vista Park-1

Sam requested to go to a park with a slide. This request was mentioned after going to Shoreline Park earlier that day, which is a very nice park, but has no slide.

20160613-Sierra Vista Park-3

We checked the map for a nearby park and found Sierra Vista Park. It’s a cute neighborhood park in Mountain View. And it has a slide!

20160613-Sierra Vista Park-4

The park also has an interesting and complex climber for older kids.

20160613-Sierra Vista Park-2

The climber includes monkey bars, rings to climb through, a web climber…

20160613-Sierra Vista Park-10

…and various things to balance and spin on.

20160613-Sierra Vista Park-5

Next to the larger climber is a structure for younger kids, a sandbox, and some springy animals.

20160613-Sierra Vista Park-6

There is also a nice picnic area with three wooden tables/benches under an overhang between the playground and a grassy area. The grassy area allows dogs and has a doggy bag dispenser.

20160613-Sierra Vista Park-7

The park also has swings. Two big kid swings, two baby swings, and one accessible swing.

20160613-Sierra Vista Park-11

There are no bathrooms and it is not fully-fenced in. A water fountain and a small sink are available. We were able to easily find street parking.

20160613-Sierra Vista Park-8

A nice evening spent at a quiet neighborhood park with new and interesting structures. And Sam got to play on the slides!

20160613-Sierra Vista Park-9

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