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Stanford Shopping Center

Sam spotted stairs at Macy’s Men’s store and instantly found his entertainment while Paul searched for shirts for work. Up the stairs, stopping by the mirror on the way up to say hello to his reflection, and then back down. Repeat. Any stairs we are near, Sam requests to go on them. He seems to enjoy the slight challenge it still gives him and maybe the novelty. Sometimes he insists on doing it himself by holding the railing, while others he holds out his hand for me to hold and give him balance. I love his determination and the joy he gets out of things I may not even notice.

The department store drains my energy, but it is restored once out in the fresh air of the alfresco mall. We try The Melt, a counter-style burger restaurant, for lunch. It is very kid-friendly with a kids menu, high chairs, and a changing table. The Spicy Mission Burger was excellent.

The also have a Kids’ Club called Kidgits. I haven’t gone to any of their events yet. More information can be found here.

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