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“Living Digital Space and Future Parks” by teamLab (Pace Gallery)


Pace Gallery in Menlo Park (the old Tesla building) opened a digital art exhibit this weekend by teamLab: “Living Digital Space and Future Parks”. It is open until July 1, 2016.

The exhibit is split into two buildings – one specifically designed for kids! Both buildings are awesome. The first building contains many immersive digital exhibits, including a “crystal universe” that interacts with an app on your smartphone and a room filled with digital butterflies and flowers that interact with your movement. Everything about each piece is amazing, down to the music that accompanies each one.

DSC_0384The second building is like a giant digital playroom with “genius hopscotch”, an interactive landscape, a digital model-railroad, and other interactive pieces. Also, fish coloring pages can be scanned into a wall-sized aquarium, same with automobiles into a wall-sized town. Sam enjoyed finding his artwork in the scene (and popping the bags of fish food to feed the fish).

By the way, I suggest going to the children’s building second if you have kids. You aren’t allowed to touch anything in the first building, but this building is completely interactive. It is hard to tell a toddler you “can’t touch” after they saw such cool things happening from their touch in this building!

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