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Yosemite Part III: Glacier Point

Sleeping in the van instead of our tent worked out really well for us. We slept well and stayed warm. However, it was another cold night and everyone else was still sleeping in their tents. We packed up a day early and headed out of the park.

We stopped at Tunnel View for another view of the valley, then continued to Glacier Point. It was a long drive, but also one of the best views in the park.

Along the drive, we saw bears from the car!

Another brief stop at Washburn Point before reaching Glacier Point.

Amazing views of Half Dome and the Valley from Glacier Point. They also had a visitor’s center with food, gifts, and bathrooms.

There were many drop off points and Sam is a runner. He stayed on my back most of our time at the overlook. He looks grumpy in this picture, because it was close to nap time.

We stopped for lunch in a parking lot at Chinquapin. We thought it might have picnic tables, but it didn’t from what we could see. This was where our routes split ways with those headed back to Orange County. After our sandwiches, we went our separate ways.

It was great reconnecting with family along the trip. We gained a great overall feel for the layout of the park and took in some incredible vistas. We are already looking forward to our next visit!

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